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73: No the Hell Gate is across the hall

June 6th, 2015, 1:00 pm

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Author's Comments

Reign of Chaos,

April 19th, 2015, 1:29 am


The burning red rock kind of gives it away


July 17th, 2018, 2:43 am


User's Comments


June 6th, 2015, 5:24 pm


@Reign of Chaos: Again, no s***, Sherlock. (I've said once on another comic already, hence the "again")

Whip the Rabbit,

June 6th, 2015, 5:46 pm


They don't even look like they're pretending to be remotely surprised that there is actually a portal to the underworld in their basement.

Reign's not home (Guest),

June 6th, 2015, 6:29 pm


@Whip the Rabbit: What, you didn't trust the strange wizard bird who randomly showed up 10 minutes ago?